[Persona 4] Reaching Out To The Truth Pt. 4: The Treasure of Yasoinaba, Yukiko Amagi

(Missed yesterday’s discussion of the supporting cast of Persona 4? Check it out here: [Persona 4] Reaching Out To The Truth Pt. 3: The Inaba Populace)


(Artwork by Toruglose)

The Treasure of Yasoinaba, Yukiko Amagi

(As with the rest, Persona 4 Spoilers Ahead)

So, as I mentioned yesterday, there was one character who was glanced over in the previous write-ups, but never really got her chance for the spotlight.  There’s a very good reason for this as the character we’re going to discuss today is one that has struck close to my heart and quickly risen to become one of my favorite characters of all-time. Between her gorgeous design and the fantastic designs of her Personas, her bubbly but serious personality, a backstory that I was able to connect with on a personal level, and another interesting personal reaction I had to her character, she has quickly stolen my heart over my time with Persona 4 and risen very high in my own personal character rankings. Of course, I’m talking about none other than the heiress to the illustrious Amagi Inn and bearer of the Priestess Arcana herself: Yukiko Amagi.

It’s interesting to see how smitten I’ve become with Yukiko over my time with Persona. Initially, I thought she was a cute character that I might try and go for as my “intimate” option in Persona 4, as I admittedly wasn’t initially a huge fan of Chie in the beginning. There was some indescribable quality about Yukiko that captured me early within the game and made me interested in her character from an early stage of the game. That initial interest quickly grew into my falling for the character completely, rushing to complete her Social Link and see how her personal story pans out and obviously choosing her as my relationship option within the game. There’s so much to talk about with Yukiko for me that I hardly know where to begin. So, let’s start with the most rational option and take a look at her…


(Artwork by Darao)

Character and Persona Design

So, starting off, let’s take a short look at Yukiko’s design. I have an on-and-off love for long black hair in characters (as can be seen by my love for Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica and Reina Kousaka from Hibike! Euphonium), which Yukiko pulls off beautifully with the red hairband adding a bit of personal style. Her primarily red-themed color scheme in her outfit options appeal to me, given red is one of my favorite colors, and I personally think she has some of the best outfits in Persona 4, with some examples from over at the Megami Tensei wiki featured here and here. Yukiko’s sense of style is fantastic and that fashion sense translates to her Persona designs as well. Her base Persona, Konohana Sakuya, is my favorite Persona design from the entire game and the evolved design of Amaterasu is spectacular as well. The floral designs of Konohana’s appearance give the Persona a sense of elegance and beauty, which matches with the regal, extravagant aura that Yukiko’s character holds.


So, in my opinion, Yukiko has one of the most interesting personalities of the main cast of Persona 4. She has the kind of personality that can switch on the ball from the calm, serious backing support for the Investigation Team to a bubbly goofball who succumbs to multiple laughing fits over the course of the game. Yukiko’s laughing fits are probably one of the things I found most quirky about her originally in the game and what may have tuned me into her character originally. For a character I had expected to be the calm, reserved, and serious member of the group, it seemed a bit out-of-character until I got to know her character better and saw the goofball that lied underneath. Yukiko’s personal moments and personality were one of the things in Persona 4 that affected me the most, whether she was talking about her position with the Amagi Inn and what she wants to do with her life or laughing her head off about a pair of joke glasses.

Social Link/Backstory

The area that was likely the biggest personal connection I formed with Yukiko’s character comes from her background and position at the start of the game. Coming in, we learn that Yukiko is the next heir to the renowned Amagi Inn, expected to take over the head position with the inn when she comes of age. Yukiko is wholeheartedly opposed to the concept initially, wanting to leave Inaba and move to the city after high school. However, as she grows closer to the Protagonist, she begins to accept her role more and eventually decides to stay in Inaba to run the Inn. Throughout the entire progression of her personal story, I felt an attachment to Yukiko because of very similar situations in my own life. My family. before myself and my siblings, have been practicing attorneys in my hometown for upwards of 200 years, since my small hometown in the northern reaches of my state was first established. One of my ancestors was the first attorney in the town and the idea of having this family lineage and the feeling of going against that lineage is something that has been relevant in my life since a young age. While I’ve made the decision Yukiko leaned towards initially, I was able to sympathize with her feelings of wanting to carry on the family lineage, even if it may not be the right thing for you.

The Personal Touch

…Speaking of Yukiko’s Social Link, this was one of the major initial factors that drew me into Persona 4 and got me hooked was Yukiko’s character and how she developed. To say I became instantly smitten with Yukiko is an understatement and I immediately adored her character from the get-go. However, the effect she has had on me is so much more than that and treads into deeply personal roots and feelings. To put a long story short and save a lot of very personal details about my life, the feelings I had from Yukiko’s Social Link and her “girlfriend” scenes towards the end of the Social Link sort of revived some feelings about love that I had locked away. I’m aware of the cringiness of this statement and saying it now feels extremely awkward to say, but the Protagonist’s relationship with Yukiko felt very special to me during my playthrough and was something I connected with. Yukiko’s intimate scenes, such as Valentine’s Day and her Rank 10 Social Link scene, touched me on a very deep emotional level and I really connected with her character (to the point where I’ve already ordered a prize figure and am planning to order her Figma soon). Saving the details of my past, Yukiko affected me and my personal views on love and it turned her into a very special character for me on a deeply profound level.


In conclusion, I absolutely adore Yukiko Amagi. She was a character that instantly stole my heart from early within Persona 4 and one that I could sing praises for without end. She’s a character who I believe has impacted me on a deeply personal level and has touched on some very deep thoughts that had lay dormant within my mind for quite some time now. Her charming personality piqued my interest in her character early on, her backstory gave me a real connection through which I could relate with her character, and the development of her Social Link was filled to the brim with enough adorable moments to leave me eternally satisfied. She’s a character that has earned her way into my heart and easily into my favorite characters of all time. Moving into tomorrow, we’ll take a step back from the characters and dive into the more technical aspects of Persona 4, so stay tuned!

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