Welcome to Walkure World, Pt. II: The Hypefests


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When talking about Walkure, there is one particular undeniable trait that a lot of their music shares: energy. Walkure songs have an unquestionable amount of energy that really unleashes in their fastest tracks. These “hypefest” tracks are the ones that get the listeners pumped up when listening to them. Whether it delivers building excitement for the episode ahead or just energy for accomplishing real-life tasks, these tracks are some of the best at instilling raw energy and drive into the lucky listener. There are a whole slew of these types of tracks in Walkure’s discography, but I’ve chosen to label just a few for today’s write-up. There are plenty more tracks I’ll cover later that could fit into this category, but these are some of the best at fitting that hype-driven rush of energy that’s perfect for making even the most menial tasks exciting. So, strap yourselves in, find your KBs, and find a call guide because we’re looking at some of the highest energy tracks Walkure has to offer in:

Part II: The Hypefests

Ichido dake no Koi nara (Click the title to hear the full song)

Ichido dake no Koi nara is one of the more basic tracks in Walkure’s library. It serves throughout the anime’s first cour as the opening theme. The song’s first hook comes fast and quick as we open with the sound of the main line and the song’s title accompanied by soft synth. More voices quickly join in and guitar joins in as the song’s first bridge cuts in. The synth and piano sounds work heavily with a pounding beat as the song’s verse progresses, transitioning between the different members of Walkure throughout its progression. The vocal track flows alongside a strong instrumentation, letting the instrumentation carry the floaty vocals along until the pre-chorus “Todoke” proves a stronger push for the vocals as the song works towards its chorus. When the chorus strikes, the melody from the song’s intro comes back in full force with the entirety of Walkure joining together alongside a fast-paced synth and percussion-driven instrumental track. After the first chorus, the song rarely drops tempo and keeps the hard, pounding sound of its percussion, which really works to drive the rest of the song forward. It’s a song that is fairly simple in its concept and rhythm, but a powerful instrumental track lends to floaty vocals, letting the members of Walkure be carried along with the powerful synth and percussion.

Absolute 5 (Click the title to hear the full song)

With Absolute 5, we get to a track that is one of my personal favorite tracks from the group. Absolute 5 is an incredible powerful dynamic track that picks up tempo early and never stops. Absolute 5’s early hook comes from the beginning, much like Ichido’s, but it comes in the form of a strong and pronounced piano melody. The piano carries into an strong, pounding beat accentuated by the use of staccato’d strings as it leads into the verses. The instrumentals back off and show off the power of Walkure’s vocalists as the verses pick up. A catchy bass line picks up underneath as the verses progress and Minori Suzuki’s serene voice carries the song into a high-flying chorus. As the whole of Walkure joins together, the voices seem to work more in harmony with the instrumentation, rather than one carrying the other. A powerful chorus highlights the growth of Walkure as a group, both in-show and as an actual unit, by the release of Walkure Trap. The song’s instrumentation never lets up and the prominence of a pronounced and prevalent orchestra creates for one of the most noticeable and memorable parts of Absolute 5.

Zettai Reido θ Novatic (Click the title to hear the full song)

It may be a bit of a cop-out to include both of the show’s opening sequences under the “Hypefests” category, but the two songs really are some of the best songs to fit that theme. Zettai Reido θ Novatic serves as the second opening sequence for the Macross Δ anime, accompanying the latter half of the show’s run. Novatic’s hook comes through the vocal work of Minori Suzuki (Freyja), accompanied by mellow harpsichord-like strings before the booming bass beats enter as the song drives to its first bridge. A mellow, moody and driving beat pushes the song through to the verses, where the members of Walkure trade silky smooth bouncy lines. A rising pitch brings the song to its chorus, wherein the mellow bass beat explodes into a fast-paced, energetic beat as each member of Walkure trades lines, handing off the focus from one to another before joining in for the final push. The beat and melody of Novatic is fast and frantic, leaving barely enough time to process each line and transition as it rushes at you with the next one. It’s a controlled chaos that brings a lot of energy out of both the instrumentation and the vocals, with each trying to push each other’s pace and driving the song forward.

Now, of course there are a lot of other tracks I could have chosen for today’s theming for a lot of different reasons. However, I felt today’s were some of the best to match the raw energy that Walkure’s music puts forward in most of their tracks. There are plenty of other fantastic, fast-paced, and hype-inducing tracks within Walkure’s discography that we will get to in due time. Today’s choices are some of the best from the library at inducing raw energy in its listeners and getting them pumped up for anything and everything.

To Be Continued in

Welcome to Walkure World, Pt. III

Bouncy and Fun


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