My analysis of my website.

For user experience, my main goal for my website was to make it easily accessible and make each part of the website and where it will take you clear. I included an array of options within the header with some featuring drop-down menus that will take you to different links. Examples of this include the tag filters in my Reviews section to find First Reaction posts or Review posts and my links to my Twitter and Reddit under Contact. My main goal was to make each part of the website easily accessible and user-friendly.

In information architecture, my main goal was to keep the site well-organized and put the important links in the spotlight. I placed the Home and Review tabs close to the far left, putting them first in line. Through this, I wanted to highlight the two tabs as the most important parts of my website. I wanted to draw people’s attentions to those. As well, the drop-down menus serve as a sub-set of links to the main point of that tab, serving to add onto the information already presented.

Information design is where my site could likely use the most work. With my reviews, I use a header image from the anime in that particular post to highlight and give the reader an idea of what I’ll be talking about. However, because my work for the site is largely writing-oriented, it’s hard for me to really make it pop. Given the review nature, I should likely include more screenshots from the anime to liven up the page and give it life to break up long bodies of text.

As for the content of my website, my initial vision was largely a site to host my reviews and thoughts about anime, both specific anime and the medium at large. I’ve long been a fan of the anime medium and recently got into analyzing shows, so writing about anime is one of my big passions. Because of this, I themed my site and organized it around highlighting my writing and reviews.