Hey, everyone, my name’s Michael. I also go by LordTakuro, shortened to Taku or Takuro, in several communities. I’ve been a writer for nearly my entire life, and anime has always been one of my biggest passions. So, naturally, I started writing down my thoughts and people started listening. Since then, I’ve become a relatively-known writer in several communities, including the Reddit boards /r/anime and /r/LoveLive. I love writing because I feel it lets me bring my ideas and dreams to life and express myself in my freest form through writing.

I’ve been interested in anime since I was a child, but didn’t really get into the medium until 2014 when I watched a show called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. The show inspired me to look more into a medium I had always had some level of interest in and I’ve been a big part of the fandom for a little over two years now. After watching so many shows, you start to notice little things and details about how a show is executed and how it handles itself. So, I figured with this blog, I could put my thoughts about the medium out there and share my opinions with others, whether they or disagree with me.